Delicious meals and cocktails in Minneapolis

With four unique seasons and a multitude of worldwide culinary customs, Minneapolis dining places provide farm-to-table experience you won't discover anywhere else.


Last year, four regional cooks were selected for the James Beard Award - the Oscar of culinary - such as Tim McKee of La Belle Vie and Sol era, Alex Roberts of Restaurant Alma and Brasa Rotisserie.


You can experience the tastes of Sweden, Germany, Poland, Somalia, Vietnam and South America here. From excellent Minneapolis dining places to regional exhibitions. You will see a lifestyle of locally-grown and globally-inspired meals that nourishes body as well as soul.




There is nothing like a delicious cooked meal or a completely professional hamburger here. In Minneapolis, you can eat pleasing and appealing food of United States from the traditional restaurants providing the famous dry-aged meat to small-scale customers.




Whether you want a 16oz T-bone Steak, a poultry main course with sauteed fresh vegetables or a traditional Juicy Lucy, this city is a home to award-winning dining places providing the United states delicacies you know and love. 




Whether you desire Korean Barbecue or Chinese Pork, you will find it all here in this city. Offering a genuine and unique environment, our Asian Cuisine places provide a remarkable cuisine experience outlined by fresh, genuine stand up and superior service.




Whether you are going out for Sushi with the girls or experiencing a full course China meal, it is home to an array of modern and traditional Oriental delicacies that for sure fulfill your taste.




In Minneapolis, we really like to be natural and we love to eat green. Most of the food comes from the regional farmers markets or from their own roof gardens making “farm to table” delicacies a truth.




By using the finest seasonal components, you eat not only the best but the most Earth-friendly meals possible. Check out these natural dining places to flavor how native pleasure and durable combination are pleasant together. 




If you prefer your food from the sea, Minneapolis is a home for eating places forcing the limitations of flavor in meal and fish. A carnivore’s dream is fulfilled by the traditional steakhouses that provides perfectly professional and cooked meat giving a true respect to the dry-aged meat. Combined with creative sides, a meal from a Oregon steakhouse is sure to fulfill even the most discerning consumer. 



For those who are more willingly to eat fish, their search stops at Minneapolis dining places. They provide the finest fish that comes daily from the Pacific and Ocean shorelines. Your taste buds will dance as you enjoy traditional and modern seafood specialties created by top-tier award-winning cooks.